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Indeed, good events and bad ones made Birri.

By trial and error, the foundation of AG was laid, thereby, giving birth to Astor | Philip de Birri.
1964 till the Present.

"What can be the difference between a so-called
long life and a short one?
It is after all, only a moment in the infinity of time." *

Astor Birri

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In creating For; to (do), Astor Birri began by laying the foundation of the Birri Group in 1985, with the creation of AG at Brentwood - now AG Brentwood, and next with Finders Worldwide (1990).

As the Founder / Chairman / CEO / President and Director of Operations - he is responsible for setting the overall direction of the company - present and future.


1964 til the Present

Early Life
Born Anthony Gray, October 02, 1964 in Memphis, Tennessee, he actually lived in W. Memphis, Arkansas until the age of 3, after which he, his mother, and the first of his 4 sisters moved to Detroit, Michigan.

Name changed
On October 20, 2006 he changed his name to Astor Philip Birri.

Name Change Order
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Name Change Court Order

Astor attended Michigan State University - B.Sc., Construction Management, and California Polytechnic State University - M.Arch. (Unfinished), Architecture.

He has been with AG Brentwood since 1985 (a business Planning, Development, and Administration company) which he serves as Founder; CEO; President; and Business Developer. Current Ventures (Start-ups): For; to (do); TraNet'te; and others.


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